Benefits of Wireless Charging

December 3rd, 2015

Let’s face it, charging has become a hassle. From smartphones to wearables, technology nowadays is integrated into nearly every part of our lives. Recent studies show that U.S households with a median income of between $75,000 and $100,000 now own an average of 6.6 connected devices, and growing.* Now that’s a lot of chargers!  As the demand for electronic devices grows, and the size of these devices grows smaller, the need for a convenient method to charge these devices is increasingly prevalent. And rightly so! With so many amazing achievements in technology, why do we still have to deal with the hassle of traditional cords?


Here are 4 major benefits of wireless charging technology:

1. Never having to fiddle with cords:Technology tantrum

Even in the dark! Just drop your device into the charging station and voila! Charging is possible without having to worry about alignment of the device, fumbling around with multiplecords and chargers, or having to fit everything precisely into the charging socket. With wireless charging, there is no need to deal with searching for a cable or having to replace your chargers after a few months of wear and tear.


2. Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously:Humavox Wireless Charging

Imagine a scenario where you can have all of your family’s smartphones, your smartwatch, and GoPro all charging together, without the multiple cords.  The interoperability of wireless charging is both simple and practical.


3. Integration:


One of the major benefits of wireless charging is the ability to integrate the charging station into nearly any 3D containing object, no matter what size or shape. Imagine getting into your car and simply dropping your phone into the cup holder to charge instead of plugging a charger into the cigarette lighter. Wireless charging is so convenient that anyone can integrate it and use it in the home, the office, and on-the-go!


4. Easy to use:

Humavox Drop and Charge

Being able to just drop and charge your device allows for an easy, simple experience where the device can charge at any possible orientation, fitting most naturally to your instinctive habits. This means that anyone can do it, no matter your age or abilities!


So there you have it! The main benefit of wireless charging is that consumers no longer have to worry about the hassle of the cord, looking for various types of chargers to charge their devices, and so much more.

At Humavox, we realized that a natural charging experience is different for every user and every product. So we created a wireless charging solution flexible enough that it can take many shapes and forms and fit into endless types of devices and products.

Thanks to Humavox’s wireless charging advantages everyone can integrate it and everybody can use it!