A Wireless Charging Station in Any Form!

February 16th, 2017

Did you know that with our technology we can integrate wireless charging into almost any object? From bowls and backpacks to drawers and cases, almost anything in your home can be transformed into a wireless charging station. Read on to discover the pros and cons of the different kinds of charging stations you may soon find in your home!

Let’s take a look at possible wireless charging stations for the home and see how they compare!

Wireless Charging Bowl Pros & Cons

Creating a bowl that can wirelessly charge your devices is one way that we are able to integrate our technology into new and exciting forms. A wireless charging bowl is much more versatile than other wireless charging stations, as there are many different size and shape options available. Another major pro of having a bowl as a wireless charging station is that it could fit more than one item at a time. Imagine just dropping all of your devices – your phone, wearable, or headphones into a bowl on your dining room table, and they all instantly start to charge.

There are some cons when it comes to wireless charging bowls, most importantly that they would not be portable and would only work inside the home. Because a wireless charging bowl is not portable, we recommend them for people who do most of their charging at home or for those who have multiple devices they would want to drop and charge at once!

wireless charging bowl

Wireless Charging Case: Pros & Cons

Another option to integrate our wireless charging technology into everyday items is with a case. Imagine turning any case that you own into a wireless charging station for your device. It could be a wireless charging case for your smart glasses or an on-the-go slim enclosure for your smartwatch or earbuds. Unlike a wireless charging bowl, a case is very portable, allowing you to charge your items on the go. But one of the major cons associated with wireless charging cases is that you can only charge one item at a time.

wireless charging case

Other Recommended Wireless Charging Stations

Because our technology is so versatile, we can make chargers out of even more objects, not just bowls and cases! Imagine a backpack that could charge all of your devices! A wireless charging backpack solves most of the cons associated with both wireless charging bowls and cases. A wireless charging backpack can not only be on the go and portable, just like a case, but is also capable of charging multiple devices at once! With a wireless charging backpack, you’d never have to worry about your phone dying on the bus again, just toss it into your bag and you’re good to go!

wireless charging station backpack

Our wireless charging technology can also be integrated into the drawers in your home. From cabinets or coffee tables, a wireless charging drawer would seamlessly orient itself in your house. Spend a lot of your time in the living room? Why not transform the coffee table drawer into a charging station? No more getting off of the couch to grab your computer or tablet charger during your latest Netflix binge – just drop it into the drawer! Wireless charging drawers can also be portable, specifically if used by emergency services; for example, a fire truck that has a drawer capable of wirelessly charging a drone.

wireless charging drawer

Humavox’s ETERNA & NEST Technologies

Our flexible wireless charging technology is called the ETERNA platform and the power transmitting component of the ETERNA platform is the NEST. The NEST is not just any power transmitter, but it is also a design-free charging station, meaning that as we mentioned above, the station could potentially be a bowl, cup-holder, drawer… or essentially ANY containing volume. With ETERNA wireless charging technology, the user would have complete control over the design, shape, and functionality of their wireless charger.

Humavox’s design-free wireless charging station

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