5 Places You Really Wish You Had Wireless Charging

May 11th, 2017

We’ve all been there and experienced the panic that occurs when your phone dies unexpectedly. Or more likely when your phone dies in an inconvenient place, somewhere devoid of chargers and open wall plugs. The panic sets in: what will I do if someone sends me a Facebook message? Or if my mom calls? Or if that cute boy in psych class finally texts me? We’ve all undergone this fear of being disconnected from your phone for any amount of time, whether it’s the five minutes it will take you to walk from the bus to your apartment, or the three hours until your lecture ends. Wireless charging is soon to change all that. With new and exciting developments in the field, such as the Humavox wireless charging backpack or wireless charging bowl, you’ll never be stuck without a charger again. Check out our picks for the 5 places you’d never want your phone to die and you wish you had wireless charging.

wireless charging for travel

The Airport

Airports seem to be one of the hardest places to find open outlets. Not only are they hard to come by, but majority of the time airports make you pay to plug in your phone. The last thing I want to do before I board my flight home (which for sure costs hundreds of dollars) is whip out my credit to pay to charge. Don’t get me wrong, lots of airports offer free charging stations, but do you really want to carry around all your chargers before a flight? Think about it – one charger for the iPad, another for the computer, a different one for your phone – how many of these can you cram into your carry on? Wireless charging would revolutionize airport and completely enhance your travel experience. If your phone hits the dreaded 20 percent while you are standing in line at security, don’t panic. With wireless charging you can ditch the wires, cords, and overly expensive charging stations. Just drop that phone in your wireless charging backpack (which doubles as your carry on) and you are good to go!
wireless charging at the airport

At a Bar or Club

It may seem hard to imagine how wireless charging could come in handy at your favorite local bar. But let’s set the scene: You meet a really cute girl and want her number. By some miracle she gives it to you. You go to your phone to enter it in, but no! Your phone is dead and as soon as she walks away you forget her number. Or let’s say you leave a club really late at night and you can’t hail a cab. You go to your phone to call an Uber, but the all black screen shining back at you lets you know that won’t be happening. So, if you see your phone begin to die while you are out, don’t stress, don’t beg the bartender to charge your phone behind the bar. Just drop your phone into a wireless charging station, maybe one that doubles as your favorite purse, and you’ll be calling ubers and getting strangers’ phone numbers all night long!

In Bed

I know what you’re thinking. How can wireless charging be effective or helpful from your bed? If you’re someone who charges your phone and sleeps with it next to your pillow, I’m sure you’ve heard the latest craze that holding your cell phones too close to your head can cause cancer. Or the other one about chargers catching on fire. Now we aren’t saying that any of these are accurate or going to happen to you, but regardless wireless charging would eliminate all these risks. Before you go to bed, just drop your phone in a convenient wireless charging bowl that you can put on your bedside table! Charge safety while you sleep!

wireless charging everywhere

At the Beach

Summer is coming!! And that means shorts, flip flops, and most importantly the beach!! Out of all the places on this list, the beach is probably the one place where wireless charging wouldn’t just be convenient, it would be a necessity. There aren’t any outlets (whether free or paid) on the beach, so what do you do if your phone starts to die before you want to leave? Do you turn off your music and put it into airplane mode? Do you miss out on taking beach selfies with your friends? Absolutely not! Wireless charging would allow you to charge your phone in a portable and safe place, like a bag or backpack, so your phone can stay fully charged while you soak up the sun!

Long Car Rides

I don’t know about you, but for some reason the longer the car ride, the quicker my phone seems to die. I don’t know if it’s because I am browsing online more or my phone is working overtime to maintain service, but my cellphone always seems to die fast on road trips. I am constantly fighting with my friends or siblings for control over the car charger. And, even if you remember your car charger, most cars only have one plug, meaning only one person can charge at a time. Wireless charging definitely would come in handy on these road trips. If your brother, friend, wife, whoever is hogging the car charger, just place your phone in whatever wireless charging device you have and take all the Instagrams photos you desire of the scenery around you. Keep in mind, with our technology – even your cup holder can be a phone charger!

Humavox wireless charging technology

With our wireless charging technology, Humavox can revolutionize the relationship we have with our electronics. Instead of constantly worrying about our phone dying (we’ve all been there) or trying to untangle your charger from your headphones for the 100th time, wireless charging technology lets us break free from the constraints these chargers put on our lives. You can transform anything, your favorite bowl or school backpack into a wireless charger with our technology. Never let your phone die unexpectedly and inconveniently again. Go wireless today!

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