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Everyone's Story

We’re all familiar with the feeling of having no battery left at the worst possible moment, the frustration if we forget our charger,
can’t find a free outlet or have to struggle with too many cords…

And we all wish charging was a bit simpler.

Let’s face it, charging has become a hassle. With the ever-growing number of electronic devices in our lives, we all just want a simple charging solution.

Our Story

So we, the Humavox team, passionately took on the challenge and began thinking of what would be the most natural charging experience for all types of users. We realized, however, that a natural charging experience changes with different products and between different users. And so we created a wireless charging solution flexible enough so it can wear many shapes and forms and fit into endless types of devices and products.

That way- everyone can integrate it and everybody can use it.

With this guiding rule in mind, we built our wireless charging technology from the ground up as a flexible hardware platform. We call it ETERNATM.

ETERNA is tangibly implemented through a charging station that is designed freely to most naturally fit the user’s instinctive habits and a small receiver that can be easily inserted into the smallest of electronic devices.

Throughout the development of our technology our main inspiration is the everyday user and the way they naturally use their electronic devices. For them, we coined the term Intuitive Charging.

Intuitive Charging is our belief that electronic devices should recharge exactly where we place them, regardless of how we placed them. Simplifying the charging experience so it becomes natural, seamless and hassle-free to everyone

More about ETERNA


Making the charging experience as seamless for users as Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity-

it’s just there for us to use.

Our Manifesto


  • We should never be stuck without battery
  • We shouldn’t deal with the frustration of too many cables or a forgotten charger
  • We shouldn’t struggle to find outlets
  • Charging should be a natural and simple experience
  • No matter our age, we should be able to easily charge any of our devices
  • We should strive to make the technological future an easier place to live
  • USB Ports are outdated
  • Wireless charging should fit to its users and their habits

WE BELIEVE – In Intuitive Charging

Humavox Board of Directors

  • Gonzalo Martínez de Azagra

    Founder of Cardumen Capital Israel/EU Venture Capital firm. Investor and board member with a deep business/financial training and the ability to understand technology at the engineering level. Past and present board and observer seats at StoreDot, Corephotonics, Giraffic, EarlySense, Aveni, Replay Technologies, Humavox and at the YVCF.Formerly leading Samsung Group investments in Israel. Investments include: PrimeSense (acq. by Apple), StoreDot, Replay Technologies (acq. by Intel), ScyllaDB, Humavox, Cortica, Giraffic, EarlySense, Elastifile, Rounds (acq. by Kik), Imagry, Celeno, and an undisclosed automatic consumer video editing platform and multiple undisclosed Fund of Fund investments.

  • Isaac Zack

    Isaac Zack is the managing partner of Founders Group – a mélange of angel investors from various fields and industries, who are all founders themselves. United by the sole belief that the founder should be the center of any successful company. Isaac is a serial entrepreneur & angel investor, former VC and business development professional. Isaac is in charge of Founder Group’s deal making, day to day work with the PF companies & the investment syndication activity.

  • Daniel Avidor

    Daniel Avidor, entrepreneur, is the Executive Director and founder of Redmatch International, an Israeli based hi-tech company. Daniel is a twenty-year veteran of the hi-tech and internet industry and holds international experience all over the globe. Previously, Daniel was the CEO of the Aurora Group, he managed the Israel Bonds office in Mexico and served in the Israeli army as a major in the intelligence unit. Daniel holds a B.A degree from the Tel Aviv University in Political Science and M.A studies in International Relations.

  • Yaniv Tal

    Yaniv Tal is a prominent early stage investor and considered highly active investor in the Israeli venture capital space. Yaniv has grown professionally in the Israeli industrial manufacturing market as the co-owner of Carmochrome, Ltd. – a leaders in metal solutions manufacturing, covering products in a vast range of industries, from automotive to defense and high-tech utilities. Yaniv is been heading Carmochrome’s global sales activity that covers tier-1 OEM and governments accounts.