THE FREEDOM TO OPERATE Retire the wire with our flexible wireless power technology. Because charging should be effortless. arrow

  • wireless charging for electronics
  • wireless charging for electronics
  • wireless charging for electronics

Welcome to ETERNA

In these busy times we believe charging our devices needs to be effortless. We understand how time consuming and expensive integrating wireless charging technology can be, so ETERNA™ was built from the ground up to provide your business with an excellent, seamless, and cost-effective solution. ETERNA™ addresses many of the usability issues found in other charging methods.

  • Small for intuitive OEM integration
  • Intuitive integration with existing PMIC & Charger IC
  • Cost Effective
  • Does not generate Interferences
  • Smart Energy O/S

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A smart power station that charges devices placed inside. As intuitive as dropping a coin into a box!

  • Free Positioning & Orientation
  • Multiple Devices Charging Simultaneously
  • Smart Energy & Power O/S
  • Supports Fast Charging
  • Agnostic to device shape
  • Applicable for tiny devices charging
  • Ultra high WPT efficiency

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The Freedom to Operate

Imagine if your clients no longer had to worry about battery life restrictions. Imagine if they no longer had to carry a tangle of different cords and connections for every device in their life. By integrating your product with ETERNA™ you grant your clients the Freedom to Operate. Go on, give your business the edge you deserve.

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